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Choose my floor


Choosing a new floor for your own house is very exciting and making the right decision as to the type of floor you choose is very important.


There are so many designs and types of surfaces available that it can make the process a little confusing.

To help make it as easy as 1-2-3, go through the key criteria below for selecting flooring for your room

Floor for your entrance

Hardwearing: the soles of your shoes carry sand and tiny stones from the outside that can be very damaging to the floor, a reinforced surface treatment is what is needed

Easy cleaning: In Malaysia, you may have to clean the entrance daily. There are no self-cleaning floors, however there will have floors that are easier to maintain than others

Looks: You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Floor for your living hall

Acoustic: As this place is a place where we gather most of the time, we may want to consider the flooring's acoustic properties to help reduce the noise.

Resistance: We will us this room most of the time, so select a floor that will stand the test of time and not wear out too quickly

Looks: It is a place where we gathers and entertain, thus, choose a floor that we will enjoy for a long time

Floor for your bedroom

Quiet: Your bedroom is your cocoon, make sure that your new floor provides a good acoustic insulation

Comfort: You want your bedroom to feel cosy so check the thermal properties of the floor

Serenity: Soothing designs and soft, neutral colors will provide a restful environment

Floor for your kitchen

Hardwearing: The Kitchen is a busy room and things dropped occasionally causing damage to the floor, thus, choose a floor that is durable and impact resistant

Stain Resistance: Select a surface that is stain resistant so that you can clean the stain away more easily

Looks: Today's kitchen has became part of our 'daily living' areas and thus need to be more than simpy functional. 

Floor for your playroom


Hardwearing: Playing, creating and discovering are all things that children should be doing. To a floor that translates to scratching, staining and denting. Make sure your new floor will be able to stand up to these challenges.

Clean: Small children spend a lot of time crawling around on the floor so you want to make sure that their environment is as clean and dust-free as possible. A smooth floor that is easy to clean is the best playground for any child.

Comfortable: Most of the children play will be on the floor so consider both the acoustic and thermal properties of the floor.

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